Free fun, soft sand, one touch rugby game,
great people, low risk of injury.
Come play and get fit.


Played Internationally

One touch turnover, known as Fijian Touch encourages some deep support players for 'escape' passes, as well as some frantic throwing around of the ball and brilliant running lines. Now being played on beaches around the world; Sydney, Cape Town & Scheveningen.


See if you've got what it takes

Get In Touch

  • – Oscar van Waes

    “I master the art of passing… even without looking”

    – Oscar van Waes
  • – Jeroen van der Loos

    “I once heard a wise man say either stay home and get fat or get up and get fit”

    – Jeroen van der Loos
  • – Dennis Peijs

    “Since being a dad I learned how to organise and plan efficiently and reserve Sunday mornings for beach rugby”

    – Dennis Peijs
  • – Hein Brat

    “I run 5km from home to play touch in the morning, dive in the sea afterwards
    and run back home….all year round”

    – Hein Brat
  • – Diederik van Imhoff

    “I just really enjoy the game, the people, the beach, everything..”

    – Diederik van Imhoff
  • – Malcolm v Delft

    “Whoever is tough enough to join us in winter will get one of my hot chocolates from the gas stove”

    – Malcolm v Delft
  • – Pehr Teulings

    “I sometimes get so enthousiastic that I drop the ball when I can score a try…”

    – Pehr Teulings